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Charters and Rates

Tarpon Fishing

         Tarpon Charters are the most popular charters Captain Jordan runs. These trips provide memories that last a lifetime. The Tarpon also known as the “Silver King” is Captain Jordan’s specialty and passion. There is nothing like watching a 150 lb. fish jump 10 feet in the air and then rip 150 yards of line off the reel as the drag screams. Captain Jordan was blessed to be raised in the Boca Grande Pass area, “The Tarpon Capital of the World.”  Boca Grande Pass was not just given the title “Tarpon Capital of the World” -  it earned that title. Depending on the water temperature, thousands of Tarpon flow into the deep holes of Boca Grande pass to spawn in late April or early May. These fish can be caught in the pass from early May through July. Tarpon can be caught well before and well after the mass number of fish show up to spawn. Day charters usually consist of sight casting to schools of "rolling" tarpon along our beautiful beaches or in Charlotte Harbor.  Night trips usually take place in Boca Grande Pass. The weather conditions, time of year, tide and "bite" will determine what fishing location will be chosen. Captain Jordan will target Tarpon from March through October, but May, June and July are the most consistent months. Live bait and artificial lures can be used to pursue these fish. Day and night charters are available to better accommodate clients.

          Back Country Charters are run year around. The main targets on Back Country trips are Snook, Redfish and Trout.  Jacks, Spanish mackerel, Bluefish and Sharks are also caught and can be targeted upon customer request. These trips take place in the beautiful back bays of Charlotte Harbor. The winding mangrove islands provide Captain Jordan’s clients with incredible scenery as well as non-stop action. These charters will take place anywhere from the Gasparilla Sound area all the way to famous Pine Island Sound. The “bite” depends on the fishing location.  Clients have the option of using live bait or artificial lures depending on their preference. Captain Jordan has extensive experience with artificial lures because most of the tournaments that he competes in use artificial only. If the client chooses a live bait charter then Captain Jordan will catch the bait before the charter begins. Clients are more than welcome to join Captain Jordan to catch bait as some clients prefer to do so. Day and night charters are available to better accommodate clients.

Back Country Fishing
Intense Fishing

      Intense Fishing Charters are not for the faint of heart. Saying these charters are action packed is an understatement. The fish, or beast as some people refer to them, that provides this kind of action is called the Goliath Grouper. To catch this fish, 400 lb. test line is used with no drag. No drag is used because as soon as this fish hits, it tries to go straight back to the structure on the bottom it came from. So in order to land this fish we have to use no drag. This theory sounds great but sometimes 500 lb. Goliaths have their own ideas. The cool thing about this type of fishing is that with no drag it’s just you and the fish! Over the years, this fish has created an enjoyable rule on board called the “gunnel rule”. This rule comes into play when the fish fights so hard that the rod hits the top of the deck. Getting “gunnel ruled” is nothing to be ashamed of as Captain Jordan’s offensive line buddies who bench in excess of 400 lbs. have been “gunnel ruled” countless times. Captain Jordan has also personally been “gunnel ruled” numerous times and enjoys it every time it happens. On every Intense Fishing Charter there will be a mate on board with Captain Jordan for safety purposes and to assist in landing the fish, if necessary. Intense Fishing Charters are run year round, but only day charters for safety purposes. If you are looking for a fish that is going to challenge every muscle in your body, you’ve found it!


Tarpon Fishing -                      1/2 Day (4hrs) $500         3/4 Day (6hrs) $700           Full Day (8hrs) $900  

Back Country Fishing -           1/2 Day (4hrs) $400         3/4 Day (6hrs) $550          Full Day (8hrs) $700

Intense Fishing -                      1/2 Day (4hrs) $400         3/4 Day (6hrs) $550          Full Day (8hrs) $700

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