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The Captain "Off" the water

        My name is Jordan Ingman I was born and raised in Charlotte County Florida. I am the oldest of three children with two younger sisters. My family runs the local marina in town where I began working when I was in the seventh grade. Growing up when I wasn't on the water I was either on the baseball diamond, basketball court or the football field. I graduated from Port Charlotte High School and was Blessed to receive a football scholarship to play for Wofford College in South Carolina. After I was done playing for Wofford I accepted a coaching position at Auburn University. After coaching at Auburn I returned to my alma mater where I currently teach careers class and serve as their head football coach. My passion in life is helping people maximize their potential and realize their dreams whether it is in the classroom, on the football field or on the water.

The Captain "On" the water

My passion for fishing was ignited at a young age.  When I was just six days old, I took my first trip on Charlotte Harbor and have called the harbor my second home ever since. Growing up, my father and grandfather took me on every fishing trip whether it was a late night Tarpon trip or an early morning Snook trip. The time or weather conditions did not matter - I was there.  My competitive nature led me to begin fishing competitively when I was 13 years old. While being the youngest of all the competing captains in every tournament I entered, I took my lumps as a young teenager competing against these older captains. By the time I was in high school, I was still the youngest captain competing but was able to qualify for the Flats Masters Series Championship three times and the Elite Survivor Series Championship. With many top five finishes in other local tournaments, I became one of the most consistent young captains in Southwest Florida.  My tournament career has 

led me to appear on statewide fishing shows such as the "Flats Masters" and guest appearances on radio shows. When I decided to make a career out of my passion, I entered the Mariners School which is governed by the United States Coast Guard. Even though I was the youngest in my class, I finished at the top of my class and my scores on the United States Coast Guard exam where high enough to put me in the top 2% in the United States. Since I have two younger sisters, one that is much younger, I am used to working with anglers of all ages and skill levels. I am a very humble man, but I am telling you all of the accomplishments I have made in the fishing industry in an effort to try to earn your business. Even though I am proud of my accomplishments, I do not feel you should book a trip with me based solely on these credentials.  I take a lot of pride in my work and I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to provide my clients with a first-class charter service which is why I utilize a “No Fish No Pay” policy. I feel the main reason you should book a trip with me is because I will go out of my way to make sure that your trip is an outstanding experience.  With my days on the water numbering in the thousands, I have acquired the knowledge and experience to put you on the catch of a lifetime!

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